Chandon a.k.a. Sammy – Hunter Horse For Lease

Chandon a.k.a. “Sammy”

GREAT SHOWING AT LET’S SHOW HALLOWEEN. Definitely ready to take his next owner on the circuit.

Chandon ‘Sammy’ is a lovely, dark bay 11 year old hunter gelding with a striking presence. He is very easy to ride and unbelievably forgiving over fences.

He is trained in basic dressage, has all of his lateral work, counter-canter, flying changes, a large, but very adjustable stride and is very fun to ride. He will do great in the hunters or equitation. He solidly performs the various equitation tests.

He has been lightly shown, but is currently doing the Pregreen Hunters, and is absolutely ready to show tomorrow in the AAs, Childrens, and Medal classes. It doesn’t matter who is on his back, he is a consistent performer.

Has also shown AQHA and is trained Western as well. Overall, he is a very quiet, safe horse. He never stops, no matter where you put him and always comes back with a willing attitude. He is a barn favorite!

He clips, cross-ties, trailers, stands for shoer and is easy to work around. He is ready to go out and take someone through the levels!

See Video of Chandon “Sammy”