Hayes Training was built organically. One successful horse, one happy client, and one win at a time.

Reagan Hayes, Head Trainer/Owner/ #1 Glutton for Punishment, has been riding since she was three. Competing in Hunter/Jumpers since she was nine and riding professionally on and off since 1995, Reagan brings years of experience to her clients.

Reagan’s commitment to her horses and clients is apparent everyday, whether at home or at the shows. At home, Reagan methodically builds horse and rider partnerships using gymnastics, basic dressage, and a classic forward riding approach. At the shows, these partnerships are tested under pressure and each class is treated as a learning experience to enhance the next performance.

A lifelong student, Reagan regularly clinics with top professionals like George Morris, Anne Kursinski, Michael Endicott and Brian Sabo. She also reads extensively and brings what she learns to her horses and students to keep training fresh and on track.

Fostering a friendly atmosphere, Hayes Training is a happy, welcoming environment. We all cheer for each other, we all support one another, and we all help each other reach our goals.

Reagan’s Co-Founder – Sullivan Hayes

Sullivan, Reagan’s ‘first-born’, was as integral to building Hayes Training as Reagan. Reagan raised Sullivan from birth, he carried her through two pregnancies and gave both her children their first introduction to horses. He also carried her to her first wins as a professional, her first mini-prixs and through the 1.20m jumpers.

He didn’t boast a royal pedigree, he wasn’t born for the job, but he did his job brilliantly and gave everything he had. He was an advertisement for Reagan’s skills, a school horse at times, and a baby sitter at others. Without Sullivan, it is unlikely Hayes Training would be around. Though he has passed now, he will never be forgotten.